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For any company, focussing on the usefulness of a product or service is paramount.  If end users can't find a use for it, they simply will choose not to use it, therefore purchase it.  This may seem obvious, but tell that to millions of inventors out there.  We very often face circumstances where a client has come to us with a great idea, but has yet to find its' implementation into a marketable package.  We call this 'the inventor mentality'.  Lots of people come up with great ideas every day, but what separates them from successful business owners, are the ones who can see a great idea and move it into a marketable product or service.


With that said, often times these projects are our best.  We love being given the oppotrunity to take something as simple as an idea, and create something that people will hold in their hands and enjoy using.  It's a serious challenge, but what would life be without it's challenges?  Challenges shouldn't be something people only face in their personal lives.  It's what blossoms innovation, creativity, and success.  Overcoming challenges are the sole key to creating innovations.


To that end, there are lots of ways in which we have seen companies focus more on the aesthetic of their products than of their usefulness.  Just because a product has sex-appeal does not mean that it will produce revenue.  And, creating a product that just looks great will have the same negative impact as a product that only works well.  It leaves the market wide open for a competitor to come in and simply do both things well.  If your company is only capable of providing one side of the coin, you need to expect other companies to come along and perform exceptionally on both sides of that same coin.  This is exactly where one-hit-wonders come from in the product world.


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