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Ask any product designer or design team what makes for a successful product in today's market?  They'll most likely tell you three things - marketing, sales, and innovation.  If you can't introduce or explain your product or idea to users, it doesn't stand a chance of becoming successful.  Similarly, if the product introduces no new innovation to its' users, it also doesn't stand a chance in the marketplace.  Dieter Rams is well-known for his timelessness in his design aesthetic, but he was also timeless in his thought process towards business success.  He was a brilliant thinker as well as designer.  This one statement, 'good design is innovative' will remain as true to any business as the statement, 'good sales and marketing lead to success'.


We work with clients of varying industries every day and, no matter the industry, we spend a lot of time helping those clients understand the importance of innovation in every aspect of their business.  We've found that the majority of product companies don't put enough emphasis on innovation throughout their entire company, just within their products.  Whether it be in product development, the new marketing video they're creating to share their unique company story, or simply the design of their company logo, innovation needs to play an importnat role.  If you don't currently focus on innovating every aspect of what you're businness does, you're going to inevitably be left in the dust by fellow industry competitors.


To implement innovation throughout a company, it should be viewed, first and foremost, as fun.  Innovation is fun, so it should be tactically implemented as such.  Just like all of us, when the videographer, graphic designer, or sales team realizes that what they've been given a directive for, is something new and innovative within their field, they take a noticeable pride in their work and achievement level.  Let's face it, everyone feels good when they perceive their work as fun.  So, why not try and let all of your employees have fun at what they do?

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