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Paying attention to the details of any type of design is paramount.  This is what separates the men form the boys.  It's amazing the amount of detail that goes into a products' development.  Everything from what the consumer wants or needs, to the curves of corners and edges, and things like colors, textures, weight, etc. all affect a products' success.  From our perspective, the ones who pick apart the details to reassemble them into a cohesive product, are the ones who will see the fruits of their labor.


Few people have an understanding of what consumers are subconsciously thinking during the purchasing process.  It's amazing how the smell of donuts wafting through the entrance can completely change the decisions one makes while at the grocery store.  Or, seeing a brand new product on the shelves that you're excited about, can make you completely forget what you went to the store in the first place for.  And there are even much more minute details, such as that particular shade of violet makes you think of your grandmother's apron when she used to bake cookies for you and your brother, so the violet packaged cookies look even more appealing to you than the rest.  These little details can be impossible to capitalize on, but there are some overall natural human interactions that we know exist and that have been turned into real revenue for some of the most succussful companies around the world.


As most of us are aware by now, stores are designed to keep traffic flowing in a particular pattern, so that customers pass by as many products as possbile in the hopes that they will pass by a few additional items that they want to purchase.  It's this same philosophy that helps to execute a successful product design.  Focusing on human interactions and the reasons why people purchase what they do, is extremely important to developing a product.  It's what helps the decision-making behind the particular curves, colors, and textures that are chosen by the designer.  All of this combined is what leads to a truly long-lasting product.


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