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LabRak is on a fierce mission to dominate the offroad vehicle rack market.  They are currently a small startup working rapidly towards nationwide distribution channels.  We worked with them to develop and guide manufacturing for their line of products.  They currently produce the most robust and versatile racking system for offroad and overland vehicles.  And, as Levar Burton would say, "you don't have to take my word for it", as customer reviews are nothing but five star.

As you can see from the images, one of the main focal points for LabRak was durability.  They wanted to destroy the competition in this arena.  So, we utilized aluminum extrusions wherever possible, beefed up each wall to prevent flex issues, and powder-coated using an extremely durable black powder.  The corners are formed steel plate, welded to create a structural component.  Also, all hardware is stainless steel to prevent wear over time.  This heavy duty assembly provides for not only a durable solution, but also an elegant one.  In fact, the system is so rugged, that you can walk on the slats on the interior of the rack, which is an added benefit to customers who want the ability to climb on top of their vehicle to secure gear properly.

LabRak came to us with a clear vision, which always helps us shape our ideas more clearly.  They're frustrated that all rack systems demand that you purchase add-on accessories made by the brand of the base rack you purchased.  They wanted to develop a system that allows for users to customize their rack in just about anyway imaginable.  So, we sat down and created several concepts that would allow for just that; a system where you could slide off-the-shelf hardware on to, to attach whatever your heart desires.  The system is designed so that you can slide hardware into an opening along the length of the rack and attach mounts for shovels, axes, vehicle jacks, fuel and water storage containers, camping gear, spare tires, etc.

Weight, therefore an increase in gas mileage, was certainly something we had to consider, especially since we knew such a rugged design would not be light in weight.  Also, there are roof weight limits set by each vehicles' manufacturer that we needed to take into account.  Our thought process here was, if we could achieve half the weight rating of the lowest rating we could pinpoint, we would be within the range we were after.  We managed to achieve this almost exactly.  So, even though the design isn't the lightest rack on the market, it will last for the life of every vehicle you ever own.  And, this concept fits right in to the ideologies of the target market of this product.

LabRak has been working night and day to try and get this product onto as many vehicles as they can manage, simply to prove to their market that the rack delivers on everything that other racks can't seem to manage.  They truly have a special design here, maximizing the utility and the universal aspects of a rack system.  It hits the mark on every level; durability, timelessness, elegance, utility, value, etc.  We knew working with them would be a fun and eye-opening experience, which it certainly was.  We spent a lot of time in the offroad rack market to learn what would make their rack and brand stand out from the crowd, and I know we hit the bullseye.  They continue to grow and develop new and improved products for the offroad market, so we look forward to watching other brands attempting to keep up.

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