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Nothing in life that is forced upon us feels good.  We like to have the ability to choose outcomes, not be forced into them.  And, truly, nothing should be forced upon us.  That's why it's so imperative that the products we create feel unobtrusive.  Customers don't want to feel as though the products they purchase define them.  Actually, on the contrary, they want to define the products they buy.  They do this in millions of varying ways, such as by pairing them with other products around their homes or in their offices, by customizing them as their own, by adding carrying cases to products, etc.


This is by far the hardest philosophy to achieve, as everything that gets placed on store shelves has a particular shape or overall look.  The key to successfully preventing a product from being unobtrusive is to focus on its' intended use; paying attention to details like where it will be used, who will use it, when will it be used, why its' use is necessary, and so on.  You want to create forms around those factors, as the shape of the product will speak to its' overall use in the world as opposed to some cool looking shape.  Exotic cars are great examples of this.  Their lines are focused more on the aerodynamics of the car, which helps to make them look sexy to the human eye.  We're naturally trained to be attracted to fast-looking things, as it's a sign of good health.  So, when the designers focus on aerodynamics, they're automatically creating a design that suites the wants of their target market.


You can start to see how many minute details go into the creation of some of the greatest products.  This is the level of detail companies like ours focus on to help our clients define their markets.  We work hard to help create leaders, so that the rest of the market is struggling to catch up.  That's the intention of every company, but it's the level of detail paid attention to, that truly defines the product leaders of this world.


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