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The Bright Switch project was an all-encompassing tech product endeavor that spanned many years.  We were in charge, primarily of the aesthetic and user experience, working with world class tech engineers along the way.  The product itself strives to be the main control hub for all of your residential IoT products.  It was born as a better light switch and became an elegant station for you to control your entire house.  We're extremely proud of the end result and can't wait for feedback from customers.

The product is offered in several different colors to match other fixtures in existing homes.  It also connects with an app built by the Bright Switch team that can be used anywhere to control anything that you choose to connect to your Bright Switches.  It can connect to smart doorbells to display who is on the other side of your door, it has a telecom function for talking to people between rooms, it can control your Amazon Alexa devices, and so much more.  It's a product with a lot of flexibility built in, from products it can control to the customization of the UI to how it installs.

The team at Bright Switch contacted us because they had no capabilities to create an appealing aesthetic for their customer base.  The first design we laid our eyes upon belonged in the home of the 1980's.  It was apparent by all and the reason we were brought in.  At that point, we set out to create several rounds of concepts, some of which you see below.  We wanted to understand who their potential customers might be so that we could align their choices in aesthetic with shapes and silhouettes of our concepts.  Our focused buzzwords became - elegant & modern.  We focused on subtle curves that blended and vanished into the flat walls for mounting.  We wanted the design to be as thin or flush to the wall as possible, but to highlight specific areas, such as the side vents.  The final chosen design was in direct alignment with this premise.

Working with the engineers building the proprietary internal components, we placed venting in necessary locations for cooling and styled them as focal points for the product.  We matched the side cover plates to each concepts' aesthetic, continuing the lines and edges from the main body of the product.  Our intent was to make them seem like they were the sidecar to the main unit.  We also had to focus on the user experience of installation and removal of the unit from the wall.  To do this, we built a mock-up of how this would look in a customer's home.  We interacted with it over and over again to learn the pitfalls of installation and removal.  We came up with a system that allows an installer to attach a plate to the wall that the main unit then attaches to.  Essentially, a modular assembly.  The end user can then easily remove the main body from the plate at any point.

House_Cutaway Detail_600x400.jpg

We're excited to see the next iteration of the Bright Switch and where all of these IoT products might lead us.  There's nothing but potential in the industry and we know we've helped Bright Switch have a 'brighter' future.  To everyone at the Bright Switch team that poured your heart and soul into making this into a reality, cheers to you!

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